Reliance specializes in the following list of services:

  •        Asbestos:
                               Removal (abatement)
  •       Mold:

  •       Reconstructive Services
A little about us:

After spending many years in the environmental industry, we have seen many different

  •        We've seen local Colorado regulatory requirements increase and become more
    stringent than many other States.  We've also been witness to a growing public
    awareness on many environmental issues, not only in the work place but in the home
    as well.

  •        Asbestos removal, repair and encapsulation have become more increasingly part
    of a pending Colorado residential real-estate or commercial property real-estate
    transaction, so your investing into real property value.

  •        We've seen an increase in the number of companies that conduct environmental
    related services.  Be sure your environmental contractor is licensed in your state, is
    insured, and has a trustworthy history of work in their field.

At Reliance we want to continue to earn the right of being your environmental
contractor of choice.
 We accomplish this in three ways:

  •        Service - We let our service to you speak for itself!  If your going to invest into
    your home or property by responsibly dealing with current environmental issues, then
    work with someone who can reasonably assess and accommodate what those
    necessities are.

  •        Dependability - We strive every day of the week to do what we say we will,
    and be responsive to your needs.  Having a high standard of work practice and getting
    it right the first time is as important to us as it is to you!

  •        Integrity - We approach every project with an open mind, life and health is of
    utmost importance.  Keeping the cost of your project economical is also important.
    The objective of improving the environment in your home or work place should be
    done right for the price your paying.  All of our technicians are 100% AHERA
    trained and certified.
asbestos exterior siding removal
asbestos containing accoustical ceiling texture
asbestos furnace duct wrap
Structurally unsound building asbestos demolition

Asbestos containing exterior siding, interior wall plasters, ceiling and wall textures, flooring materials, asbestos containing duct and pipe
wrap, biological molds, bacteria, other environmental contaminants, and in-door air quality responses.  We have the experience and know
how to smoothly and efficiently plan and conduct your project. Experienced, 100% A.H.E.R.A certified, E.P.A and O.S.H.A compliant
history, and ready to respond to your needs.
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asbestos containing furnace
Asbestos containing furnace and
duct seam tape should be kept in a
good, non-friable condition or be
Asbestos containing ceiling textures
can easily be disturbed, therefore
causing the potential to asbestos
fiber releases.
Asbestos containing exterior siding
should be removed by a State
licensed General Abatement
Asbestos containing duct wrap
should be kept undisturbed and in
good condition, encapsulated or
removed by a State licensed
General Abatement Contractor.
Structurally unsound buildings
which contain friable asbestos
materials should be demolished
with appropriately trained
In making preparations to begin your asbestos removal project in Colorado, consider the
timing of the required notification process.  If your project is one in which an asbestos
permit is required, in most circumstances there is a waiting period for the processing of
your projects required permit.  For your convenience here are links to some of the required
forms for your review.
Our team works hard to make your project as economical as possible, providing turn key services from initial consultation and assessment,
abatement/remediation, all the way through to reconstructive services.  Whether your planning property improvements, to demolish a
property for future development,  simple home improvements, renovation or restoration, testing of the suspect asbestos containing materials
that will be impacted is required in the State of Colorado, we can lead you in a direction to get it done right.
We strive to uphold our reputation in the industry and cooperate fully with governing
regulatory agencies.  The Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment provides
an up to date list of contractors, supervisors and owners who have been notified of
regulatory violations.

Find out if your contractor is on the list  

( If your contractor is not listed then they have no pending violations).
Catastrophe clean up
Catastrophe clean-up such as this may have a combination
of many environmental concerns.  Asbestos testing is your
foremost concern if the property is pre 1989 construction.  
A contractor familiar with both  asbestos and microbial
concerns may need to respond.
asbestos containing plaster texture over brick substrate
There are certain situations
when removing an asbestos
containing material can result in
a more decorative finish if your
contractor is sensitive to what
your overall objective is.
asbestos containing boiler tank insulation
This asbestos containing boiler
insulation has been saturated
with moisture and should be
appropriately removed and
disposed of prior to repair or
replacement of the boiler.
Colorado Asbestos, Mold, Toxins, and other Environmental Hazards have
been our business for years. We welcome the opportunity to be of service to you.